Prismatic Maze is an experimental evolving maze game where maps are alive, grown organically and naturally arranging themselves into hierarchical mazes. Hidden in each map are tools and ingredients to grow more complex mazes and aid to exploration of their patterns and treasures.


Ecology Engine

Prismatic Maze grew out of a hobby project called Ecology Engine. Ecology Engine was a tile-based simulation framework that was developed over 1.5 years of nights, weekends and vacation time. When Bad Monkey Love was formed, Ecology Engine was geared towards simulating Earth-like planets.

Prismatic Maze first year under development

Development of the game started in earnest when Bad Monkey Love was formed in April 2018, repurposing Ecology Engine, integrating it with Unity, expanding the engine's capabilities and building the Maze game on top of that foundation. Development was constrained to what could be accomplished in 1 year and releasing on Steam on March 29, 2019.

Prismatic Maze post-steam release

Development continued past launch, catching up on things that had to be cut from the initial release timeline and focusing on improving game design and player enjoyment. Initial release had a lot of room for improvement and this has been the focus of development post-release.


  • Procedurally Generated Mazes
  • Cellular Automata
  • Interesting variations on maze exploration
  • Awesome Music by Punch Deck
  • Localized in English, Bulgarian, German and Latvian


Initial Release TrailerYouTube

Growing Mazes TrailerYouTube



Item Update August 2019YouTube

Enter DarknessYouTube



About Bad Monkey Love

Bad Monkey Love is a Solo Indie Game Development studio by Chani Johnson, making games based on living worlds and the interconnectedness of all things.
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Prismatic Maze Credits

Chani Johnson
Solo Indie Game Developer
Punch Deck
Stella Stamenova
Localization, Bulgarian
Hristo Stamenov
Localization, Bulgarian
Noah Wilson
Localization, German
Pēteris Lediņš
Localization, Latvian
Quality Assurance